Frozen 4: Disney is launching the sequel before the release of Frozen 3

In 2013, at that time in full financial serenity thanks to a MCU and related projects that work well, Disney spear Snow Queen which is very popular worldwide: $1.280 billion in international sales. This retelling of stories captivated the masses and made his anthem known to all on social media. As a result, this success was convincing Bob Iger, CEO from the company with big ears to bring a second animated feature film to the market in 2019. The success will be even clearer 1.453 billion worldwide sales. However, given the storm that is currently raging Disney at the moment, between a MCU in distress and live-action films that no longer work (The little mermaid)The company took the bull by the horns by making it official a month ago Frozen 3.

But the surprising thing Bob Iger has had more than one trick up its sleeve since the extension was promoted World of the Frozen has Hong Kong Disneyland Resortthe CEO confirmed with Good morning America Big exclusive information: There will also be some Frozen 4 On the menu. And since the project is already in the works, this should happen very soon after the 3rd film.

“But I can’t say much about these films at the moment. Jenn Lee, who directed Frozen 1 and Frozen 2, is working on not one, but two stories with her team at Disney Animation. »

Vicinity diversityone of the franchise’s composers also said in a tweet: “Well, I kept a low profile for a while. But yes, there is. » (Speaking of Frozen 4). That is very likely Frozen 3 and 4 will therefore be one and the same project cut into two different parts Disney so much to do with his films avenger. Waiting for, Wishthe next Disneyis coming to cinemas this year November 29th.

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