Froome: “They gave me a second chance”


Chris Froome will be one of the great stars of the Tour Down Under that starts this Tuesday in Australia. The British cyclist from Israel Premier-Tech faces this test with the challenge of once again showing his best version in racing.

A better version that many question and probe the possible withdrawal of Froome, something that the cyclist himself categorically denies. “I think they have given me a second chance to get back into racing and continue in the sport that I love. The crash could have marked the end of my career, but I still feel like I can give more. Even if I’m not ahead in the races, I enjoy my work and also for being part of the Israel Premier-Tech. It is as if I had returned 15 years ago and was looking to reach my best level. I am getting close and I hope to do it in a few years ”, he stated in statements collected by Cyclingnews.

In fact, Froome highlights the great capacity of many athletes to continue performing at the highest level in their respective modalities regardless of age. “We are seeing it in other sports. It’s great to see veteran tennis players who are still very competitive, and in cycling we had Valverde, who until he retired after 40 years, was very competitive. I think he has to see how athletes take care of themselves today. Professionalism, diets, getting to know your body better and being able to take care of yourself, I think, allows cyclists to get closer to continuing to compete at 40 years of age than before”.


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