Froome reaffirms: “I was prepared for the Tour”

Chris Froome has already got back on the bike after receiving the severe setback that was for him not having been included in the Israel – Premier Tech team for the Tour de France, as the French round was Froome’s big goal this year. Froome himself wanted to comment on this absence in latest video that he has published on his YouTube channel under the title “I was prepared for the Tour”, the phrase with which the British cyclist begins the video.

A Froome who regretted being left out of the Tour list despite his preparation for it. “I have taken some time off after being left out of the Tour de France team. I’ve been working very hard all season with the aim of getting to this moment in good shape. It was a huge disappointment not to be part of the team for the Tour de France this year. I was prepared to face all my objectives, in reaching my ideal weight for the race, I had not lost muscle. For a race like the Tour you have to lose weight but not muscle.”

In the video Froome appreciated his performance in the Mont Ventoux Dénivelé Challenge and the Route d’Occitanie, where problems with his bike prevented him from showing his best version. “My races to prepare for the Tour de France were the Mont Ventoux Classic, where I had mechanical problems. I admit that I am not a great one-day racer and I did not achieve great results there. I also did the Route d’Occitanie, which had a great day in the mountains and I needed it to show what I was capable of doing in the Tour de France, but unfortunately that day I felt depleted in the lower back and that I could feel that something was wrong with the bike. After the stage I asked Gary (Israel staff member) to look at things on the bike and we saw that my seat was not correctly positioned. It was frustrating because it was my only chance to show that I could go to the Tour de France.”

The Briton also admits that he was very disappointed after it was confirmed that he would not go to the Tour de France. “I think that if I could have given more and shown it… It was disappointing, but the team had chosen another way to face the Tour this year, so I had to rethink my season, I have taken a little physical and mental break. I was working a lot to get to this moment well and in the end I decided to stop for a bit after being left out of the Tour”.

Finally, Froome revealed what his calendar would be for the remainder of the season and confirmed that he will not ride in the Tour of Spain. “I have already returned to training and I will compete again in the Tour of the Czech Republic and I will also do the Tour of Germany. However, unfortunately the team has decided not to do the Vuelta a España this year, so I won’t be riding a grand tour this year., but I hope to be present in big races ahead. And I have also already thought about next year and how to change the focus for the Tour de France. I think I have to stay positive and keep working hard.”

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