Starting tomorrow it is again mandatory to keep 1,5 meters away. Now it is still urgent advice. The outgoing cabinet announced earlier that an obligation will apply again due to the increasing corona rules, but that still had to be legally arranged.

That has now happened and from tomorrow the police and boas can enforce it again. People who do not comply with it will receive a warning and can subsequently be fined 95 euros.

According to the cabinet, keeping a distance of 1.5 meters is one of the most important basic rules to reduce the number of infections and prevent further overload of care.

1,5 meters not always and everywhere mandatory

The obligation applies to everyone aged 18 and older, but not to people who belong to one household, nor to places where a corona ticket is required, such as in a restaurant. For example, the one and a half meters is also mandatory in shops; practicing a sport where distance is not possible is still possible.

There is also no obligation in other situations where keeping a distance is not possible. Sometimes a mouth cap is mandatory or other additional measures apply.

The obligation to keep one and a half meters away has no longer been there since the end of September. And since November 6, a recommendation has been made.


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