From Syracuse to Leganés: Quentin Hillsman arrives in Spain

I am looking forward to starting this challenge“. These are the words of Quentin Hillsman, who comes to Spain to live his next great adventure. This coach has led Syracuse University for 15 years. And at 50, he is ready to coach Leganés. The coach, known as a great motivator who also had experiences in coaching teams of various European teams, believes that “Coming to train in Spain, to a competition like the Endesa League and in a modest but ambitious team like Leganés represents a new challenge in my career. I always dreamed of coming to train at a club in Europe, where they play a very smart game. So I’m looking forward to starting this challenge“.

For his part, Jose Jacinto Ramos, president of Leganés, has shown his joy at the arrival of the coach. “Having Coach Q (as they call him in the United States) is a privilege for the club. We hope to start this new stage in the Endesa League with a first-rate international coach who will help us continue taking steps to compete with the best“.

Your arrival may be related to an item you made The Athletic and in which there was talk of 12 members of Syracuse who requested the transfer at the end of the 2020-2021 campaign, just after losing to UConn in March Madness. An exorbitant number that suggested that some internal event, unknown to the public, had taken place. Eyes focused on Quentin Hillsman, the coach. And now, he has left what has been his home for so long.

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One month after the publication of the article in The Athletic and in the process of the investigation, Quentin Hillsman decided to leave the position of coach, remaining without a team until now. The American, with more than 20 years of experience on the bench, lands in the Endesa Women’s League at the hands of CB Leganés, a set that hours before ended his relationship with coach Antonio Pernas less than a month before the start of the competition.

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