From milk to pasta: How extreme inflation affects our dinner table

When you go to the supermarket in the Netherlands these days, it feels like you have to hit the jackpot to fill your shopping cart. Thanks to the latest figures from Statistics Netherlands (CBS), we now know why.

Food: The new luxury?

In 2021, we thought we had a lucky break: food prices fell 0.2%! However, this trend completely reversed in 2022. This year, food was sold in Dutch shops Numbers from CBS on average 10.8% more expensive. This increase is above general inflation, which has been set at 10% for all goods and services. Perhaps most striking is the 15.6% increase in prices for milk, cheese and eggs, products that are daily staples for many. Yes, you read that correctly!

And it doesn’t stop with our beloved dairy products. Remember the olive oil for your salad? That’s up 24.5%! And your spaghetti evening? Well, pasta prices rose 17%. Mamma Mia!

Price increases with a twist

However, it’s not all doom and gloom. Fruit, the star of your smoothie, was relatively modest with a 5.4% increase. There are also noticeable differences within the sugar, confectionery and ice cream categories. Some products in this group experienced larger price increases than others, showing that the effects of inflation do not work uniformly across specific product categories.

And now? The government is trying to help us a little with some additional allowances, but rising food prices remain a problem. Especially considering we’re all trying to eat healthier right now. What happens next? This is the look at coffee grounds. But one thing is certain: we all notice this at the checkout And in the meantime, we can say that you can dig a lot deeper into your wallet today!

Combined with rising energy costs, rising fuel prices and more, a bleak picture is beginning to emerge. Due to inflation, people with slightly lower disposable income can hardly stay afloat. How long will it take?

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