It’s hard to say when closed-door training became fashionable. One of the first teams to put it into practice was Porto at the initiative of its president, Jorge Nuno Pinto da Costa. No public in the stands or media except the officials and opening the doors once a year to the general public.

This fashion spread throughout Europe and arrived in Spain at the hands of José Mourinho in 2010 at Real Madrid and Jesualdo Ferreira at Málaga., among other precursors. There was a lot of controversy because it was nipped in the bud with a habit for many fans who spent the morning watching their idols work. And for the press because their access to information was limited. Seems like yesterday. And it has been more than 11 years since Malaga has been training behind closed doors.

That imposition of Ferreira already remained as a sign of Malaga. Some later coaches were in favor of opening training. But it was not difficult for them to accept this new reality. More privacy and less intrusive news in the public eye.

Malaga, in some way, has followed this model of Porto and it only allows open doors once a year, two at most, generally on Three Kings Day, January 6 or some specific holiday as has happened on October 12, Hispanic Day.

1,500 people in La Rosaleda

Tuesday’s open house brought in a good number of fans. A lot of families. Some 1,500 people who enjoyed a great time and cheered on all the players, especially Brandon, Sekou and Kevin. An initiative whose fund is to increase the number of subscribers that currently stands at 13,000, a figure that is far from the 20,000 intended by the judicial administrator, José María Muñoz.

Peybernes withdrew from the session

Almost at the end of the training the Frenchman Peybernes withdrew as a precaution since he suffers some discomfort, an overload in one of his twins.

Reflections of Paulino

The Cantabrian winger, who will not be able to play against Zaragoza due to the accumulation of warnings, reflects his happiness for enjoying an open-door training sessiona. “We are always very happy that people are with us, it is a small welcome to Saturday afternoon that we hope they are as they always do, one hundred percent and encouraging us to get a victory at home to make the draw good. the other day. People are always very excited, they are very fond of Malaga. It doesn’t surprise me, because what I see in games is reflected on a day like today in training. They are always supporting and encouraging. This helps us to see that they are there not only on weekends, people are with us every day. “

And thinking about what is coming “We have the maximum daily demand, we can never relax. But the atmosphere is appreciated, which reminds you of match day. It’s always good to remember those moments. “


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