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From discovering countries to virtual reality and exercises for more than 60 people

From discovering countries to virtual reality and exercises for more than 60 people

Gastón is able to travel thousands of miles and enjoy things like Jerusalem. And he does it quietly from a corner of the nursing home where he lives in Donostia (Basque Country). “Can you see it well?” they ask. “Yes, yes,” says this man with the virtual reality glasses. The Oroi company has designed a virtual reality video channel aimed primarily at older people. They suggest routes through different parts of the world and even exercises to improve their health.

“It’s a lot of fun because you see different things than.” You’ve never seen it, or you may never see it again“, explains Gastón. The CEO of Oroi, Jorge Maylin, reiterates that with these videos we “create emotional well-being in the elderly and train their cognitive functions”. To use this technology they have the help of Oroi technicians. But for others, such as telephones, mobile phones and apps, older people need to be trained in special courses.

For example, Javi Cantero is encouraged by the Kuvu team to learn how to manage the application they launch, which helps retired people like him Rent a room in your house to students. Goals include making them some money and feeling less alone. “I contacted them and they helped me with everything,” Cantero says gratefully.

Kuvu CEO Eduardo Fierro notes that they have different systems in place to ensure a good coexistence. “Once you’ve filled out the form for the person you want, we set up a system to help you find someone who’s a match for you. Especially in the habits at home”precise.

They help make dreams come true

Adopt a Grandpa is also an application that tries to socialize, but in his case through volunteering. They try to get young people to connect with older people who live in dormitories or at home and do not have a large support network. Aside from that, promote actions such as the fulfillment of dreamss, through campaigns crowdfunding, by some of its users. For example, they raised so much money that a woman could fly on an airplane for the first time in her life.

There are other apps that focus on mood as well as fitness. Manufactured by a company in Valencia, Rosita Longevity has developed exercises for people over 60 to be carried out virtually from home, taking into account the different pathologies that users from this age can have. a way that Let’s get healthier and technologically older.

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