From a small island with big results

If there is a sports federation in the country that in the last 10 years deserves recognition for its results, it is the Dominican Basketball Federation, since despite not having the same economic resources as the great basketball powers, it has positioned itself as a reality in the international sphere.

The noise grew much more after the “Dominicanazo” against the Argentine team in Mar del Plata last Sunday, in which the senior team beat the albiceleste, to qualify for the third consecutive time to a Basketball World Cup.

He did it with a record of nine wins and three losses, only behind Canada and the United States within the seven countries of America that crossed to the World Cup that will take place in the Philippines, Japan and Indonesia.

After this result, it can be affirmed that the Dominican team is a reality, not only at the Central American level, but throughout the continent, as stated by engineer Rafael Uribe, president of Fedombal.

“This is the most historic victory in Dominican basketball, because we beat the American champion, the number four in the world, who has been a world and Olympic champion,” said Uribe, who has presided over the federation since 2012.

The federated leader considers that this result is not fortuitous, since the body that governs Dominican basketball has been working in the same direction for a long time.

“The key to our success is that basketball is a family, we are all integrated, our players and coaches take on this cause leaving behind their personal commitments and that is why we have reached this level.”

He gave credit to the work carried out in the training categories headed by José -Maita- Mercedes and Melvyn López, from where several players have committed themselves from an early age to the tricolor insignia.

“We have 10 uninterrupted years organizing recruiting camps in the United States and if today Lester Quiñones, Justin Minaya and Joel Soriano can play for the country it is thanks to that work. Jean Montero, who has been here since he was 11 years old, Andrés Feliz and Jonathan Araujo, who are part of the senior team, are also real evidence of this formative work”.


The federated assured that the leadership part of the Dominican team will experience a process of massification in an effort to create new generations of basketball players in all areas (coaches, players, leaders and referees).

Uribe thanked the efforts of the Ministry of Sports and Recreation, which promised to manage housing for all the members who had an impact on the World Cup classification that so request. “We are all going to apply, it is an achievement for all of us and our boys deserve it,” said engineer Uribe.

Finally, he pointed out that after the conclave on April 26, when the draw for the groups for the World Cup is made, he will give more details about the possible warm-ups that the national team will have with other World Cup teams.

Uribe also pointed out the figures of the journalist José Monegro, director of the newspaper El Día and the communication businessman Fernando Hasbún, president of Grupos SIN, who have headed the collegiate management of the senior team since 2019 and have been instrumental in important achievements during this period.

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