French Spider-Man’s heartbreaking stunt (video)

PARIS: French Spider-Man surprised people by climbing the Paris Tower this time to protest against the Wood Health Pass, but he was arrested by police.

According to details, 60-year-old French spider-man Alain Roberts climbed the business tower on the outskirts of Paris on Tuesday. Arrested

Alan Roberts climbed the 187-meter-long Total Cowpole Tower for the eleventh time, usually performing it alone, but for the first time he was accompanied by three other young climbers, aged 21, 28 and 33.

According to media reports, the French Spider-Man’s attempt was against the Corona Health Pass, which has angered everyone. Is.

It should be noted that this quad pass means that the person concerned has been vaccinated against corona, and corona is negative, and without it, entry to restaurants, bars, museums and other cultural places is not allowed. ۔

Pope Francis meets Spider-Man; video goes viral

Alan Roberts is known around the world for climbing more than a hundred high-rise buildings.

In March 2020, he also visited the Egber Tower in Barcelona to protest the spread of the coronavirus.


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