French Prime Minister Resigns Following Left-Wing Party’s Victory in Parliamentary Elections

French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal Announces Resignation Amid Legislative Election Results

France Election Update

French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal announced on Sunday that he will submit his resignation to President Emmanuel Macron on Monday, following the victory of the left-wing opposition in the early legislative elections.

No Absolute Majority Achieved

Despite this, Attal stated that he will remain in office "as long as duty demands it," as no political bloc has achieved an absolute majority. The results come less than three weeks before the start of the Paris Olympics.

National Rally Leader Marine Le Pen Celebrates

Far-right leader Marine Le Pen, whose National Rally (RN) party came third in the elections, said that her party’s victory "has only been postponed." According to Le Pen, the tide is rising in favor of her party, and the victory is only delayed.

Projections Suggest Left-Wing Victory

According to early projections, the left-wing New Popular Front (NFP) would win between 172 and 215 of the 577 seats in the National Assembly (lower house), followed by the ruling centre-right alliance with between 150 and 180. RN and its allies would achieve between 115 and 155 votes.

Radical Left Leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s Response

Radical left leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon declared that the NFP, which lacks an absolute majority, must "govern" but without "entering into negotiations" with Macron’s alliance. Mélenchon believes that the people have clearly rejected the worst possible scenario.

RN’s Candidate for Prime Minister Responds

RN’s candidate for prime minister, Jordan Bardella, denounced an "alliance of dishonour" and assured that his party "embodies the only alternative" to "straighten out" France. Bardella added that "nothing will stop a people who have regained hope."

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Source: AFP

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