French president’s wife rumored to be male

Paris: Rumors have spread that the wife of French President Emmanuel Macron is a man.

According to the details, rumors have spread about the wife of the French president Bridget Macron that she is a man by birth, people have also found an old photo in this regard, however Bridget Macron has said that he is against these rumors. Will sue

According to foreign media reports, a recent misinformation campaign was launched in which the wife of French President Emmanuel Macron was targeted for falsely claiming to be a man by birth. It’s been four months since the presidential election, and this has raised concerns about fake news on the Internet.

Bridget Macron, 68, has stated she intends to file a lawsuit against the misrepresentation, but her lawyer, Jean Inoue, said steps had been taken.

This is not the first time that the Macron couple has been sexually assaulted. She was, in fact, a transgender woman whose first name at birth was Jean-Michel.

When did this rumor spread?

The rumors against Bridget Macron began when her husband, who celebrated his 44th birthday on Tuesday, announced his readiness to run for president again. These false claims allege that a vast conspiracy was hatched to cover up the change in citizenship status.

The first such claim appears to have been made in March by a Facebook user named Natasha Ray, the so-called “journalist” whose Facebook page is full of conspiracy theories against the so-called “health dictatorship”.

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The user made some posts in which he mixed some family photos and citizenship documents regarding Bridget, Natasha Ray claimed that these documents are the source of his so-called discovery.

On twitter

About two weeks later, the hashtag #JeanMichelTrogneux first appeared on Twitter on November 1, and was further expanded by a relatively less-followed account, “Le Journal de la Macronie”, a user who is a fierce opponent of the French president. Is.

The hashtag hasn’t been seen much for almost a month, but its popularity has skyrocketed since early December, with only 35 tweets on December 6, but more than 13,000 tweets three weeks later.

The hashtag has generated 68,300 retweets and more than 174,000 likes so far, according to the latest InVid count.


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