French Days Nintendo Switch: the best deals on games and console

Are you looking for an opportunity to buy the Nintendo Switch or its games for less? Here are the best tips to grab during the French Days 2021, the second edition of which this year is underway.

French Days 2021: the top Nintendo Switch tips

In this buying guide, we offer you a selection of the interesting offers offered by the various merchants on the Nintendo Switch in all its forms: Classic, Lite and OLED. You will also find great deals on buying games for less. This is particularly the case with Metroid Dread which is expected in a few days.

Nintendo Switch at € 269.90

Nintendo Switch price drop

The classic Nintendo Switch is 270 € during the French Days, against 292 to 300 € usually. The red and blue Neo version, but also the gray one, is affected by this good plan available only on Amazon at this price. As for the Nintendo Switch OLED, its price remains indebted for the moment. If you still prefer the new version, it is available at 349.99 €.

The contributions of the OLED Switch compared to the classic version seem trivial at first glance, but really improves the experience. The new OLED display is a little bigger, but also more intense. The colors are better restored and you can even play in full sun while enjoying good visibility. Internal memory has also doubled, from 32 GB to 64 GB, a significant development.

Nintendo Switch Lite at € 196.23

Nintendo Switch Lite at a reduced price


If you have a fondness for the 100% portable version of the Nintendo Switch, this one is once again offered at the best price at Amazon. The Switch Lite is displayed there at € 196 instead of € 230 in all its colors. Most competitors offer it at € 200 instead of € 230. Jeff Bezos’ firm therefore has a slight advantage in this period of French Days.

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Unlike the Switch Standard, the Lite version does not have a dock, nor a detachable Joy-Con. It thus offers a full nomadic experience like the DS range and offers the same games as the standard Switch.

Metroid Dread at 44,49 €


It is clearly one of the most anticipated games of this year on the Nintendo Switch. Metroid Dread won’t be available until October 8, 2021, which is two weeks away, but you can already pre-order it for the best price on Amazon. The game is displayed there at 44.49 € instead of 59.99 € on the Nintendo eShop. It is therefore 15 € less than the recommended price.

Metroid Dread is an action adventure game where the player controls the bounty hunter Samus Aran in his exploration of the planet ZDR. This new title retains the side-scrolling gameplay of previous games in the Metroid franchise.

Animal Crossing New Horizon at € 44.49

animal crossing

Now a Nintendo Switch classics, Amimal Crossing New Horizon is still as popular as ever. If you haven’t tried it yet, now is the time to make up your mind. It is available at the best price at 44.49 € during the French Days, against around 60 € at launch.

Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure games at € 59.99

Ring Fit Adventure: Nintendo Switch

It is the perfect game to play while exercising. Ring Fit Adventure also remains popular with Nintendo Switch gamers. Its price is below € 60 for the French Days, compared to around € 80 at launch. This game is sold as a Kit with two accessories to which the Joy-Cons are attached.

The first is a ring called Ring-Con, which is held two twos, but like a steering wheel. The second accessory is the Leg Strap, a band that the player puts around the leg. In the game that goes with it, you have to fight monsters while moving.

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