Free Guy: For the screenwriter, Ryan Reynolds transformed the film

Free Guy has arrived in our cinemas since August 11, 2021 and is already starting to achieve a small success in international esteem with $ 62 million of recipes already saved. The reviews are also very positive with 82% positive reviews on the aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. At the house of Geekslands, we enjoyed the movie, pointing out that it was β€œA fun, colorful and fresh original film that gives its viewer a good time!”. a Free Guy 2 even seems in preparation on the side of Disney if we stick to the recent statements of Ryan reynolds.

The crazy scenario of Free Guy is offered to us thanks to the writers Matt Lieberman and Zak Penn. They also stressed that the changes made by Ryan reynolds had turned the film into good.

Ryan reynolds had already mentioned in the past being very involved in the development of the script of his films when he was a producer (whether on Deadpool and Free Guy). In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Matt Lieberman unveiled two major changes to the storyline of Free Guy including one that has drastically changed the personality of its central protagonist.

β€œHe saw it as a writer, as an actor, as a person who has to sell all these lines and scenes. His main remark was that, in the original script, Guy was a cynical character. He got into a cynical “why are we putting up with this?” And he thought, “Guy should be happy where he is.” It really gave the character a much bigger arc. No more way to go. He had a lot of good ideas. ”

Something very successful since it is the personality of Guy which will have made this film pass in the genre of the feel-good movie, allowing the majority of the spectators to note that Free Guy is positive entertainment that does not aspire to be more. Waiting for, Ryan reynolds now seems focused on the long-awaited adaptation of Deadpool 3 for Disney.

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