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Free Guy: entertainment full of good vibes

Finally released in theaters after more than a year of postponement. (initially scheduled for June 2020), Free boy has finally hit theaters, carried by the highly profitable Ryan reynolds. The pastiche is quite simple and tells the story of Guy, a PNG video game, who decides to live his own life regardless of the actions predestined for him by the developers of his game. The feature film is directed by Shawn levy, to whom we owe the successful film saga of Night in the museum or Real Steel, which could have a second part in the company of Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds.

The first thing we notice after this Free boy the thing is Shawn levy He was clearly the right person for this project. Skillfully combining comedy, action and movie genres to feel good, Levy offers an explosive feature film, full of pop culture references and extremely dynamic. The Canadian filmmaker understands the codes of the different genres he uses and makes for a fun and fresh mix. A shocking scene fully enters this positivity: when Guy faces his substitute, Levy delivers an enjoyable fight, energized by many geeky references (with an amazing cameo that you would never know existed).

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Beyond action and comedy, Free boy Above all, it delivers a real wellness message, making it a popcorn feature to watch this summer. Shawn levy he is rather a follower of this type of morality in his feature films. Yes Night in the museum invoked the principle of preserving the soul of his son, Free boy highlights finding your place in a world you don’t recognize and living in the present moment. The film made of “Guy” a figure that everyone can relate to. Far from being clumsy, the film knows how to remain effective, without pretending to want to make a great cinema.

Graphically innovative in many ways (the juggling between reality and video) and shots that maximize the use of first-person view, Free boy engages its viewer in the adventure. That is why it seems important to live it in good conditions. As for the casting, Ryan reynolds Once again he carries the film on his shoulders giving once again the correct interpretation of the kind character a little silly around the edges. Jodie eat he also gets honors in a supporting role as opposed to an insufferable Taika waititi That long ago, too much His sassy developer villain character doesn’t fit the spirit of the film Shawn levy.

Waititi is made to create satires (or play in it) so what Free boy has more nuances in this intention. You will find in this feature film a real escape proposal in a fictional universe, with a simple but tremendously effective story.

Free Guy remains without a doubt the action comedy to watch this summer amidst this plethora of great anecdotal outings. A fun, colorful and fresh original movie that will make your viewer have a good time!

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