Free: everything you need to know about the new “Infotel” phone scam

The scammers, who claim to represent Free customer service, offer a reduced rate and a free subscription to Infotel, “an anti-door solution.” A fake service finally billed the deceived user 11.90 euros a month.

Detected by the UFC-Que Choisir, this scam aims to obtain the electronic signature of the deceived to extract the sum of 11.90 euros per month, as if it were a true free service. To obtain this signature, the thugs ask the consumer for their date of birth, their email address, and their statement of bank identity (RIB).

However, the subscription price reduction and free access to Infotel are misleading. To give consumers confidence, thieves list their contact details, obtained through lists of purchased or stolen data. An especially well-crafted scam because it looks credible, although there are a number of ways around it.

To avoid this type of problem, it is important that you never communicate your personal information to a direct seller over the phone as they should already know this if they work for a recognized operator. Similarly, it is not advisable to sign a contract electronically after receiving an email after such a phone call.

As a reminder, even if said document is signed, it is always possible to make a withdrawal by calling your bank to finalize direct debits.

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