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Cryptocurrencies may have fallen sharply in recent times, but that does not mean that the thinking behind cryptocurrencies and blockchain has no future. This entire market is still tiny, and that offers not only a lot of challenges, but also the necessary opportunities. There are great benefits to taking this into account in your career, which is exactly what Growth Tribe is trying to help with.

Modernize your career with blockchain

Last week we wrote that this educational platform has introduced a new course around crypto and Web 3.0. With this you should get the basic knowledge of the field in order, so that you can easily and safely apply it in your career. You can if you own your own business, but there will also be plenty of employers in need of some blockchain modernization.

The course is suitable for beginners and takes approximately 18 to 24 hours to complete, depending on your pace. You can do it in parts and follow it at your own pace, without time pressure. It’s completely online, so you can always log in again to finish your workout.

After the training you will be more future-proof because you better understand the blockchain and crypto industry. You then understand the basic principles of crypto and Web 3. Last time we explained that this should form a basic layer of the internet. It opens up possibilities for new revenue models that can, for example, guarantee the privacy of the user. This also creates new opportunities for entrepreneurs and for people who want to change their career or want to grow.

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Sign up today for STAP allowance

The blockchain training qualifies for the STAP allowance (Stimulering Labor Market Position) from the Dutch government. There are a number of requirements for this. For example, you must have a European passport and be between the ages of 18 and 67. You must also have had an income for at least six months since March of 2020.

Normally the course costs 995 euros, but if you meet these criteria you meet the requirements for the STAP subsidy it is completely free. You can request this from today, 1 September, via your Digi-D. This budget will run out quickly so make sure you’re ready! Every two months there is a new Step round. So register quickly if you are interested!

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