“Free agency could be very difficult”


By the grounds of the champions Tigres del Licey, free agency is a system that is still in a “raw” stage to be implemented in Dominican baseball. This was revealed by the president of that team, Ricardo Ravelo, who added that there is fear that with his possible incorporation into the Dominican Baseball League starting next February 15, “blind blows” will be given. in which all would be affected. “Frankly, I think that no team is prepared for that, free agency is very crude and we understand that it is not yet the time to implement it and there are no defined regulations,” said Ravelo, after talking with Héctor J. Cruz, Sports Editor and Pedro G. Briceño, editor of the Listín Diario during his participation in the Café Deportivo of this newspaper. As complicated, neuralgic and dangerous, the lawyer considered the free agency system that is expected to be established from February 15, after the signing of an agreement between the National Federation of Professional Baseball Players and the Dominican Baseball League. “We think that all this should have been very well studied and analyzed before beginning to be put into practice, we’ll see what will happen,” added the blue president about the system that according to many could cause a great revolution in baseball.

And Ravelo went much further and expressed that he sees it as so nebulous that many people do not even imagine some of the things that can happen in that regard. And he gave as an example, that in some certain teams there could be lines of players who wanted to sign with them, a fact that would once again cause an imbalance in the League. And for Ravelo, the most painful thing would be for this to happen, since Lidom currently enjoys great balance, a fact that is strengthened by the fact that five different franchises have lifted the trophy in the same number of years. In addition, just this campaign marked a decade in which no club repeats the championship, a fact that last occurred in 2011-12 and 2012-13 when the Chosen One lifted the trophy. Prior to this, the longest period without repeating titles had been five years and it happened twice in the period 1990-95 and 2001-05, although in the last five years, the circuit only saw Licey and Las Aguilas win. “The draw for rookies has brought a great balance in the League and this is more than comfortable,” he said. “Free agency can cause a new imbalance,” he added. And more, according to him, he affirmed when we have a regulation of a large number of pages in which the main executives of all the teams can sit down to discuss and analyze each of the aspects that this would involve. “At least that is my opinion, I have expressed it, in fact I disagreed with that contract with Fenapepro for various reasons,” he added. In his meeting with Listín Diario, he said he did not know what the real operation will be, there is no clarity as to which players would qualify, among other aspects.

Licey between 21 and 24 in free agency
Audo Vicente, Licey’s general manager, expressed on the Sports Hour program that at least between 21 and 24 players out of the 100 registered by this club would opt for free agency in February. According to Vicente, the felines together with the Eagles and Stars would be one of the ones that would have the most in the system that is expected to be implemented. “I think that free agency will lead to an increase in the salary scale of the teams with the players,” Vicente told Héctor J. Cruz, producer of Hora del Deporte.


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