In five tournaments (four from the WPT and one from the FIP), Franco Stupaczuk He had the feeling that his pairing with Ale Ruiz had reached its maximum and was not evolving, already stagnant (“we didn’t beat any pairing in front of us”). He broke up with Ale, and three weeks later He has appeared with Pablo Lima, who started the season with Maxi Sánchez and he was seen playing sad, without energy, without the strength of the time when he was number one. The two of them have remade themselves to debut together at the Brussels Open, and get into the final this Sunday. At first!

Franco and Pablo already showed in the quarterfinals that they were on the rise by defeating Di Nenno and Paquito Navarro, the second best couple in the ranking, in straight sets. And today, also in two, to Coello and Belasteguí, 7-5 and 6-3, the winners of the Miami Open. Stupa is still at his best, with his electric speed; and next to him Lima has already risen whole, and recovers his offensive spirit somewhat forgotten in the last two years. And if Coello and Bela gave them war, the truth is that they always sent.

In the other semifinal of the morning in Brussels, the women’s, Gemma Triay and Alejandra Salazar did not give their teammates, Lucia Sainz and Marta Marrero, a single option. Double 6-1 to play his fifth consecutive final; that is, all of the season, with three wins so far.


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