Francisco: migrants leave out of necessity

Pope Francis expressed his regret for the drama and “serious problem” of undocumented immigrants, of all those who migrate “out of necessity”, and denounced that Africa continues to be a continent “exploited” by foreign powers that “put their industries there not to make the country grow, but to carry”.

From Vatican City and in an interview in Spanish with Telemundo journalist Julio Vaqueiro, Francisco spoke about his own story as the son of immigrants (his father was an accountant for a bank in Italy when they emigrated to Argentina) and assured that he was nostalgic for his Argentine land. that “you always leave something”.

An emigrant always “lacks the native air. You lack the native air. The mate that your mother, your aunt, your grandmother gives you freshly made is not the same as the one that you make yourself,” he answered the journalist’s question .

various topics

He also spoke with the Hispanic reporter about his health, abortion, sexual abuse, changes within the Church and the request made by the Ukrainian president, Volodímir Zelenski, among other topics.

Regarding these ten years of papacy and the changes experienced, Francis said that “many things have changed” in the Catholic Church, but that what he put into practice was what “the cardinals in the pre-conclave meetings had said had to be done.” .

“And when I was elected I put these things into practice: the economic system, the new laws of the Vatican State, the pastoral care of the Vatican Service, which is very important,” he said.

In this context of change, he stressed that, “in part of that pastorality, women entered (…) who are very executive, very practical: the lieutenant governor is a woman. And many things have changed,” the pope noted in the interview

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“Preconclave Meetings”

Francisco, who was elected pope in 2013 when he was Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, in Buenos Aires (Argentina), his hometown, downplayed it by saying that “all this was requested by the cardinals in the pre-conclave meetings.”

The meeting took place in the Vatican shortly before a meeting with young people from the Scholas Occurrentes foundation, which he created in his native country 30 years ago and since he became pope has spread to the world, reported the Hispanic chain.

Asked what he still has to do, the 86-year-old pope said “everything.”

“As you do it, you realize that you lack everything, this is insatiable,” he told the journalist.

Asked about abortion, a “very big” topic of debate right now in the United States, he emphasized that “a month after conception, before the mother realizes it, the whole system is drawn inside and the DNA is clear. It is a living being”.

“Is it lawful to kill a living being to solve a problem? Is it lawful to hire a hit man to solve a problem?” the pope asked.

Regarding the war in Ukraine, he opined that it is “a political problem” and that “peace is going to be achieved the day that the two of them can speak, or the two of them or through others.”

Regarding his state of health (he recently suffered severe bronchitis) and the problems with his knee, he said he is “much better” and that he can now walk.

“The knee was fixed and before I couldn’t walk. Now I’ve walked again. There are days that are more painful, like today. There are days that I can’t, but it’s part of development,” he said.

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