franceinfo junior. Know everything (or almost) about the new James Bond

Agent 007 will be back in theaters soon, for the 25th time. On the occasion of the world premiere in London on Tuesday 28 September of To die can wait, the CM2 students at the Saint-Sébastien public elementary school in Paris in the 11th arrondissement, want to know everything about this film which will be released in France on October 6 and they can’t wait to see!

Guillaume Evin, freelance journalist, author of several books devoted to James Bond, in particular Once upon a time james bond, published by L’Archipel (2021), answers all students’ questions.

Lucien, 10 years old, just ask when James Bond was created and if the secret agent got old along with the movies? Maël, 10 years old, would already like to have some revelations on the script of To die can wait and as he saw the trailer for the new film, he wonders if it’s not a woman who will take over as James Bond. Indeed, this is the last time actor Daniel Craig will wear 007’s tuxedo.

Finally, Brune, 10, asks two questions: “How many actors have played in the James Bond and are there any who have been more successful than others?” and “I saw that my favorite singer Billie Eilish was singing in the new James Bond and I would like to know how they choose the people who sing?”

On this page, listen to all the children’s questions and this franceinfo junior program about International Sign Language Day.

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