France has ordered the removal of relatives of diplomats from its embassy in Haitidue to the wave of violence that crosses that country, a consular source informed Efe.

The French government also decided to close the French Lyceum in Port-au-Prince due to insecurity, added the source, who requested to remain anonymous.

The French embassy refused to make official statements, in response to questions from Efe about the withdrawal of relatives of diplomats stationed in the country.

The French Lyceum also declined to answer Efe’s questions, without clarifying whether it remains open.

The violence has intensified in recent weeks. in the Haitian capital, with the outbreak of a war between two gangs for control of several neighborhoods in the north of Port-au-Prince. The conflicts, which broke out on April 24 between the 400 Mawozo and Chen Mechan gangs, have killed at least 75 civilians, according to estimates provided by the UN last week.

The National Network for the Defense of Human Rights of Haiti (Rnddh), an NGO specialized in accompanying cases of violence, reported this Tuesday that it has counted 148 murders and dozens of injuries.

The UN has denounced that the members of the gangs have acted with extreme violence and have resorted to acts of sexual violence, including cases of gang rape of 10-year-old children, practices carried out to sow terror in areas controlled by rival gangs.

Due to clashes, at least 9,000 people have left their homes to take refuge in schools or in public squares in safer areas of Port-au-Prince, or in other cities in the interior of Haiti.

Gangs have proliferated in recent years in Haiti and have taken control of extensive neighborhoods, where they impose their law and with impunity commit murders, rapes and other crimes, due to the inaction of the authorities.

Haiti is going through a serious political, economic and social crisis that has worsened especially since the assassination of President Jovenel Moise, in July 2021.


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