France will plant 1 billion trees adapted to the future climate

France will plant 1 billion trees by 2030 adapted to the future climate, taking into account in particular the increase in temperatures and the new rainfall patterns with more frequent droughts and greater risk of extreme events.

The French Prime Minister, √Člisabeth Borne, presented this Friday the main axes of her National Biodiversity Strategy, which plans to make nature conservation “a collective challenge,” her department explained in a statement.

Borne, who visited the Champagne and Burgundy Forest National Park accompanied by the European Commissioner for the Environment, Virginijus Sinkevicius, and several of his ministers, wants to involve regions and municipalities, companies and citizens.

One of the challenges of the city councils is the “renaturation” of the city centersand with companies it is the environmental labeling of clothing and food products since 2024.

One of the axes of the French strategy is to reduce the pressure on biodiversity, for example with the plan that will be presented in a few weeks to reduce the use of pesticides, but also the practical application of the principle of the so-called Zero Net Artificialization (ZAN, by its acronym in French).

with the ZAN, France has set itself the first objective of reducing by 50% by 2030 the rate of artificialization of soils at the expense of natural, agricultural and forest spaces, to reach 100% by 2050.

This means that by the middle of the century, for example, to build homes, warehouses, factories, roads or any other infrastructure on natural soil, an equivalent surface area, previously artificial, will have to be returned to its natural state.

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It is about putting an end to the progressive reduction of natural soils, which in France it has a rate of 20,000 hectares per year.

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