France will help Italy control its border and quickly expel those without papers

The French Interior Minister, Gerald Darmanin, Travel this Monday Italy to discuss how to help this country’s government control the border to prevent the avalanche of immigrants from arriving Italian island Lampedusa and drive out quickly undocumented.

In a radio interview on Europe 1 and CNews, Darmanin emphasized that it is about the implementation of the European immigration agreement of last June, which provides for joint measures to reduce the influx of migrants from the EU Southern shore of the Mediterranean and an examination of the asylum applications of those who, despite everything at the border, reach Europe.

He reiterated the idea that, on the one hand, France will “help Italy control its border to prevent the arrival of people” and, on the other hand, will detain those who enter clandestinely at the border while their case is examined to determine whether they have the right to the institution. If this is not the case, the goal is to “quickly deport them to their countries,” he added.

“We will only accept them if they respect the asylum rules, when they are pursued. But If it is just irregular immigration, France cannot accept it. “No other countries either,” emphasized the minister when asked about the people who have arrived in Lampedusa in the last few days.

He specifically pointed this out Of the 8,000 to 9,000 who have arrived on this Italian island, “many” are not suffering political persecution and must therefore be deported.

“We have to drive out of their countries those who have nothing to do in Europe”he insisted, after warning that “France is very determined on this issue.”

He also explained the support he is now giving to the government of the right-wing extremist Italian Prime Minister. Giorgia Meloniwith whom he had repeatedly maintained friction in the name of French interests, since many of the migrants who arrive from North Africa via Italy then try to get to France.

The French minister took the opportunity to attack the French far right He criticized a lack of patriotism for not wanting to vote for the agreement between the member states in the European Parliament.

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