France is studying the removal of the automatic right to acquire citizenship by birth on the island of Mayotte

The island Mayotte is a French overseas territory in the Indian Ocean, near Madagascar and the African continent. It is the main island of the Mayotte archipelago, which also includes several smaller islands. Mayotte is in a strategic location between Africa and Asia and is therefore of significant geopolitical importance.

This, controlled by France out of 1841became an overseas department of the republic 2011, that is, the same laws apply there as in any French city. Well, because of that immigration The French government is currently investigating what it has been experiencing for some time abolish the automatic right to obtain citizenship through naturalization.

This constitutional change would only be promoted on the island Mayotte and both the right and the left see this as a somewhat problematic reform. The right believes that this is a good decision, but that it should also be applied throughout French territory. The left, in turn, argues that this is a violation of the law.

Political representatives of the island call for the abolition of the “right to land”

Since January, several groups made up of island citizens have set up checkpoints on highways to demand urgent action on the problem of immigration, crime and illegality, which they say occurs together.

Political representatives of the island are calling for an end to the ”land correctly” and called for the abolition of the automatic right to obtain citizenship if born on the island. “In the end we will welcome all the misery of the Comoros and Africa and everything else so that the people of Paris can continue to boast about their great principles,” he explains. Estelle YoussouffaMayotte deputy of the independent LIOT bloc in the National Assembly.

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Youssouffa boasts that “the right to security and freedom of movement is fundamental, but we are being denied this right because the violence is now so severe that we can no longer live normally.”

The island Mayotte has approximately 300,000 residents and only half are French. The debate in France is being delivered and there is open talk about abolishing the right to land across the country as the number of asylum applications has reached a record number 142,500 In the past year.

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