France grants visa to cousin of Mahsa Amini, threatened with death by Iran

Erfan Mortezai, the cousin of Mahsa Amini who died four months ago in Iran, arrived in Paris on Saturday February 4, after obtaining a visa to come to France, according to information from the international editorial staff of Radio France. “I am deeply touched to see that there are people who are sensitive to my plight, he said at the microphone of RFI. I am reassured to be able to go to a place where I feel safe. I feel really relieved”.

The September death of her cousin, a 22-year-old Iranian Kurd who died after spending three days in a coma following her arrest by the vice police for “wearing inappropriate clothing”, she wore her veil badly, according to them, triggered a major protest movement in Iran.

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His cousin, a 34-year-old Kurdish activist entrenched in Iraq for a year, claims to be threatened with death by the regime and has asked European countries to welcome him. “I don’t feel safe here”, he told a journalist from RFI Erfan. He claimed that he could not leave the camp of the comitted from the revolutionaries of Iranian Kurdistan (Komala). “Only my friends can protect me.”

“This trip saves my life”

Erfan Mortezai is ready to retaliate if attacked. “As I spoke to foreign media, I received messages that if I got out of this camp, I would at least be kidnapped and taken back to Iran. Or else I would be directly murdered. That is what is happened to one of my friends. In the last three days, especially, I received Instagram messages telling me that they were looking for me and that they would bring me back to Iran.”

He therefore asked Europe to welcome him. “I decide to call on Europe for help. Not only so that I can be safe, but also so that I can continue my fight for my people.” Erfan Mortezai is going to apply for asylum. “After five months of struggle, of interviews with media from all over the world, I now have the hope of being safe to continue my militant fight in France. This trip saves my life but in addition I will be able to fight against the Islamic regime in Tehran. Now is when my fight really begins. I hope that very soon we can celebrate the liberation of Iran.”

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