France, Germany and Poland “will help Ukraine for as long as it takes”

Paris, (BLAZETRENDS)- France, Germany and Poland “will help Ukraine for as long as it takes” while Kiev’s counteroffensive manages to force a negotiation, their leaders assured this Monday during a meeting in Paris.

Emmanuel Macron, Olaf Scholz and Andrzej Duda, who met at the Elysee in the format known as the Weimar Triangle, also pointed out the importance of offering Ukraine a perspective of stability and security once the conflict ends.

“The aggressive war waged by Russia is already a strategic and geopolitical failure for the aggressor,” the French president said at a press conference.

Macron confirms the counteroffensive

Macron stated that “the Ukrainian counteroffensive has started for several days” and may extend “for several weeks, even several months”.

“We want it to be as victorious as possible so that we can then launch a negotiation phase in good conditions,” he added.

Step up arms shipments

He also advanced that “we are going to intensify shipments of arms and ammunition, although within the established parameters of attacking targets in Russia and avoiding an escalation in the conflict.

“Our support will last as long as it is necessary,” both at the military, economic, humanitarian and diplomatic levels, Macron and Scholz assured separately.

“It is clear that Ukraine will not be conquered and that only peace can be conceived, based on international law and the sovereign decision of the Ukrainian people,” stressed the French leader.

Strong international response

Scholz, for his part, pointed to the “strong international response”, something that Russian President Vladimir Putin “did not expect”. Therefore, he stated that “it is time for Putin to realize that his bet“ has failed ”and“ withdraw his troops ”in order to launch“ negotiations for a just peace ”.

Today’s meeting took place in the midst of the Ukrainian counter-offensive, about which very little is known due to the information silence imposed by kyiv so as not to harm the outcome of the operations.

Upcoming international appointments

This meeting, above all, sought to coordinate positions, especially on Ukraine, in view of two major international events: the European Council in Brussels on June 29 and 30 and the NATO summit, which will take place in Vilnius on June 11 and 12. July.

Although the three leaders meeting in Paris insisted that Ukraine must receive “prospects” about joining NATO, the Polish president was the clearest and most emphatic.

Duda said he hopes to see “a clear sign of a perspective to enter the Atlantic Alliance.” “I hope that the NATO summit in Vilnius will produce this good news for kyiv,” she insisted.

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