France evacuated its first nationals from Sudan

France at work in Sudan. A hundred French nationals and other nationalities have already been evacuated from the country by the French authorities, we learned from the French ministries of Foreign Affairs and the Armed Forces. A hundred more should follow. “A first plane has already left Khartoum and should reach Djibouti around 6 p.m.” while a second is “already in the area and should take off at 5:30 p.m.”, each with about a hundred people on board, said these sources.

Asked about shootings against a convoy which, according to some media, injured a Frenchman, the diplomatic and military sources declared that they did not “want to comment on this kind of rumour” when “the operation is not over”. “We wouldn’t have done it if we hadn’t had security guarantees from the belligerents, which have been reiterated and reiterated,” they said. The operation is “extremely complex” and “may cause difficulties right to the end” in a country at war where, moreover, the “networks are no longer functional”, while precise geolocation of nationals is necessary, they added.

“Tired, tense, but very relieved”

After more than a week of fighting between the army of General Abdel Fattah al-Burhane, Sudan’s de facto ruler, and his deputy-turned-rival, General Mohamed Hamdane Daglo, who commands the much feared paramilitary Rapid Support Forces ( FSR), people who arrived at the airport were “tired, tense, but very relieved to have arrived safely”, according to French sources. They are “psychologically weakened by what they have been through” but in relatively good physical condition, while food, water and energy are lacking in the capital Khartoum, from the same sources.

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