Home World France announces the third dose from the age of 50

France announces the third dose from the age of 50

France announces the third dose from the age of 50

The extension of a third dose of vaccine for all French people between 50 and 64 years old and the requirement to have it for everyone over 65 to renew the health pass were the main announcements made this Tuesday by the president of France, Emmanuel macron. In a televised message, Macron also spoke, at length and in an electoral tone, about the economic reforms carried out and those pending five months before the presidential elections and confirmed that he will delay the controversial pension reform.

Starting in December, a campaign will start to encourage those between 50 and 64 years old to take the third dose, since “More than 80 percent of those admitted to intensive care are over 50 years old”. Macron hardened the situation of those over 65, immunosuppressed or with serious illnesses who will need a third dose from December 15 to renew the health pass, a QR code generated with a complete vaccination schedule necessary to enter public places.

The French president warned that Europe is already facing “a fifth wave” of covid-19, which has started to hit countries like Germany and the UK hard. In addition to new health requirements, Macron took advantage of his speech to announce that France to build nuclear reactors again, and confirmed that he will give up adopting the pension reform during this term because “the conditions are not met to re-promote this measure”, which unleashed a wave of protests at the end of 2019 and was frozen with the pandemic.


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