France achieves first place for Sunday’s final

The Olympic champion arrived in time to beat Denmark in the final stretch 23-22 (10-12) and get into Sunday’s final in an unexpected way, because for 50 minutes the Danish girls were better.

It’s more, Denmark commanded the game from the start, their play was consistent, their defense was powerful, and they maintained a very high overall contribution, until they were progressively exhausted by the French physical talent.

The key to the French victory was the 5-1 defense, with him advancing creating problems for rival circulation, with his teammates threatening the passing lanes, and forcing Denmark to attack by the extremes, which were not at the level of a semifinal: almost without angles, were cannon fodder for Glauser in goal.

The last minutes of Denmark were held by Sandra Toft, substitute goalkeeper: saved a penalty, made worthwhile interventions, and thanks to her her team had 20 seconds to tie. Impossible against France. He knows how to make fouls in the right places, where time is wasted, and the game died with that result, minimal but sufficient.

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