Fran García: “We are a happy team that is not afraid of anyone”

Fran García (Bolaños de Calatrava, Ciudad Real, 1999) knows that the week against Madrid is different and, after beating Barça, he fantasizes about another bell against the white team, the owner of 50% of his rights. The left-back has a contract with Rayo until 2025 and in Vallecas he is not only growing, but he also feels identified with the values ​​that his people and the Strip embody. A humility that he shows. The sacrifice is non-negotiable for this young talent, whose most repeated words through his shy smile are ‘advice’ and ‘gratitude’. Both define you as much or more than your careers and your centers. That is why he is one of the players most loved by the fans.

“How’s the Lightning!”

“We have made a great start to the season.” Everyone is plugged in and the sensations are very good. This moment is the result of the work done this year and the previous one. We are a small family.

—When you see the classification, is it difficult not to come up?

—The most important thing is to stay humble and not get carried away. Not so good moments will come and we must be prepared and know how to measure up.

“What is the secret of the Lightning?”

“We all know what to do on the field.” And you can also see the good vibes inside the dressing room. We are a happy team, who are not afraid of anyone, whoever they go will show their identity … We can hit the table.

—How has Falcao’s arrival in this great family been?

“I heard about the latest ones and was surprised.” His adaptation has been spectacular. I have grown up watching him play and being able to have him around, learn from him or receive some advice, it is priceless.

“I grew up watching Falcao play and being able to learn from him is priceless”

—In his presentation he winked at him for leaving him the ‘3’.

“I discussed it with the club.” First team numbers were needed and I had no problem, I wanted to repeat with 33. I had been lucky. I left that token free and they were going to give it to me at Christmas if any were released on the market. Falcao came one day and asked me for the favor. He wanted that number for his father, who died two years ago. It was the number he played with and he was very excited to be able to wear it. If it was important to him, I am happy to have helped him.

“Tell me about Vallecas.”

—We had a little appetizer in the playoff, but this atmosphere is spectacular. Some colleagues told me about it, although living it has nothing to do with it. It is a unique feeling to see that people are there through thick and thin. It’s like having one more with you on the field. We are strong at home and the fans have a lot to do with it.

“What’s in this neighborhood and this special team?”

-People! People make it special. That environment that is lived in a humble neighborhood, that knows that it can be up to the task and go ahead with everything. What makes this club great, more than its history, is the people around it and who are part of it.

– How was your adaptation to First?

“At first I noticed it a lot.” The first matches were away against two of the best teams in LaLiga. I was also a little nervous about the novelty, although little by little I was establishing myself. I have gained confidence and I feel important. I owe it both to my colleagues and to the coach. I look back and know that there was no better destination to continue growing than this.

– What was it like to win at Barça?

—It was the litmus test to say ‘here is the Ray’. We are going to fight and have a good season.

—And can you get your hands on Real Madrid?

“The Lightning is not going to hide.” We will try to take the ball from him and play our game, thus we will force him to be more aware of defending than of anything else. Being a caring and sacrificial team we can surprise, why not?

—How do you see this Madrid of Ancelotti?

“He can fight for everything.” It is in a good dynamic. Vinicius arrives at a great moment, Benzema in a state of grace …

—When Rayo announced its continuity until 2025, it made a wish, not to say goodbye to Madrid but to see you soon. Are you still thinking about it?

—Yes, I’ve been a Madridista since I was little. They have made me the person that I am. The values ​​of Madrid and Rayo do not differ much. I would like to return in the future because it is my home. I arrived young and came out almost a man.

“The victory against Barça was the litmus test to say ‘here is Rayo”

—He has always said that Marcelo is his reference.

—It’s the mirror where to look at myself since I was delayed to the side in the juvenile. Together with Roberto (Carlos) they have marked me a lot. Perhaps the latter is more similar to my style of play for power and speed. Without their advice and teachings I would not be the player that I am.

“Did Solari change your life?”

-Yes. He gave me the news that I was staying in the cadet with him. It helped me a lot to grow. I was a shy kid and it gave me the opportunity to open up more in a group. And being at Castilla he made me debut with the first team. A dream. I did not expect. I thought I was going because Regui had discomfort and I said ‘I am going to live the experience and be with the people I have noticed since I was little’. In the end, I had minutes (gave an assist to Isco against Melilla in the Copa del Rey) and I will be eternally grateful.

—You keep your childhood friends, who are unconditional from Vallecas …

—My family has a very slave job, such as hospitality, and cannot come. My friends do it, the usual ones. This year they have not yet lost any game in Vallecas and we have the joke that they are the amulet. They have helped me alot. I know who has been through the bad times and you must have a memory when good things come into your life.

—It is very important not to lose focus of reality …

—When you leave Madrid, which is like a little bubble, a mini-city that they put you in when you’re little, you come face to face with reality. I came to Rayo, which is a humble club and has nothing to envy any other, and here things are different. It helps you to realize what reality is like, to keep your feet on the ground and not to believe yourself more than anyone else. Cleanliness is as important as coaches, players, outfielders … If any link fails, the chain breaks.

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