Fourth running of the bulls of San Fermín leaves tension and danger, with a person gored

The running of the bulls for the Sanfermines this Monday, the fourth of the festivities, had moments of tension and danger, since the bulls from the Fuente Ymbro ranch staged a fast race, in which numerous young men were run over and turned over, and one was wounded by a bull horn.

As reported by the University Hospital of Navarra, there was a person gored in one leg, who was treated in the first instance in the Plaza de Toros and whose severity is unknown, and six other people were transferred to the same health center.

Like every morning since the San Fermín festivities began in Pamplona (north) on the 6th, thousands of people ran in front of the bulls, from the corrals where the cattle spent the night to the square, through the center of the city, as tradition dictates.

Today’s race, which lasted two minutes and twenty-one seconds, started punctually at 8 in the morning from the corrals of Santo Domingo led by the halters (tame bulls), which soon after they had already been surpassed by three brave bulls.

Living up to their fame, the Fuente Ymbro bulls showed great speed, not allowing long runs from runners unable to keep up with their pace.

The greatest moments of tension were experienced in the well-known Estafeta street, with two runners who, a few meters away, were knocked over by one of the bulls, and several more who were run over by the herd without paying special attention.

In this street, where bulls normally tend to slow down and allow longer races, today’s bulls gave the bull run a hectic pace and produced crowds of young people, known as “montones”, with which the same animals stumbled later, which lengthened the duration of the confinement.

In the final sections, already close to the square, the herd was fully stretched, which allowed the runners to intersperse themselves among the animals to achieve more showy and long races.

A halter was the first to enter the Plaza, followed by a herd divided into threewhich did not cause excessive problems in the ring.

This July 10, as usual, a tribute was paid to the last fatality of the San Fermín running of the bulls, Daniel Gimeno from Madrid, who died in 2009. His parents went to the Telefónica section to place flowers on the fence post where he was mortally stuffed.

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