Four galactic targets

Once the transfer market was closed in such a frenzy for Real Madrid, with that last triple offer for Mbappé (160, 180 and 200 million euros), and the signing of Camavinga (30 plus 45 for goals), in the offices of the Bernabéu reset the situation for the future. The entity’s Galactic Renewal Plan is ongoing. Florentino Pérez is committed to take forward that new great Real Madrid that must already play at the New Bernabéu and that must give a definitive boost in revenues until they are placed, as planned, at a figure close to one billion euros. It is the only way that the white entity can compete with the State clubs and with those that are owned by great fortunes or investment funds such as United or Chelsea.

In that reset in the white entity, beyond the complement players that may be followed or that have been satellite for a long time, there are four stellar proper names that stand out above all the others. They are those of Mbappé, Haaland, Lewandowsky and Pogba. It does not mean that Madrid intends to sign all four of them, as is obvious, but it does mean that from this moment on, a special monitoring of their situation is carried out and that fluid communication with their representatives will be tried to advance any type of eventuality that makes it necessary to launch. an offer.

The case of Mbappé (22) is clear. The cards are on the table and marked. Madrid, which has already reached an agreement with the player, only has to wait until January 1 arrives to sign him with the idea of ​​incorporating him next season. Everything depends on the star staying firm and not accepting the renewal offers that are coming from Doha, the last one, of 45 million net per season, placed him as the highest paid footballer on the planet.

The case of Haaland (21) is more complicated. As AS has been reporting, a tough battle will arise between Real Madrid and PSG for their signing if Mbappé’s move to the Whites is completed. It is the next big name on Florentino’s agenda, who has already advanced a conversation with Borussia about his situation. LThe Germans refused to allow it to be released in the last market, but there is a pact with Raiola to facilitate its release next summer. Madrid has the advantage of the player’s will, who wants to wear white, and the good relationship that Florentino himself has with Borusser CEO Hans-Joquim Watzke. The main weapon of PSG is money. Either way, Raiola will have a lot of influence over the decision Haaland makes.

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The Norwegian’s situation is binding on that of the other great striker who plays in the Bundesliga, Lewandowsky (32). The Pole made a gesture to force his exit last summer. As reported by AS, Madrid had it within reach. It was offered to him, because he wanted to leave the Bundesliga to face new challenges. In the 2022 market, he will only have one year left on his contract at Bayern and he will want to leave for sure. A good option for Madrid for this forward with a privileged physique who will be able to leave at a reasonable price for entering the last year with Bayern. Everything, if Haaland goes to PSG.

And finally, the other big name, Paul Pogba. According to the latest Forbes list, he is the fourth player who generates the most money in the world of football in terms of advertising only behind Cristiano, Messi and Neymar. Just the profile that Florentino likes, Galacticos with economic return. He is one of Mino Raiola’s fetish players along with Ibrahimovic. Pogba this about to sign for Madrid on two occasions, and that it was not done on one of them led Raiola and Florentino to a disagreement that still lasts. And that could well affect the Haaland operation. Pogba will be a free agent the next market.

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