Founder Atari explains why gamers don’t want to use cryptocurrencies

Thanks to the rise of blockchain technology and crypto, the gaming industry has undergone an exciting transformation in recent years. One of the most discussed initiatives is “play to earn“, where players can earn rewards in crypto. However, there are gamers who are skeptical about this development. The founder of Atari, a legendary gaming company, recently shared his thoughts on why some gamers are hesitant to open up to the world of cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Volatility Concerns

Atari has been a household name in the gaming industry for decades. Its founder, Nolan Bushnell, expressed concern about the growing influence of cryptocurrency in gaming. “I can clearly tell you where this disdain for crypto comes from,” Bushnell told Cointelegraph. “The disdain comes from these play-to-earn games that dominated blockchain gaming.”

One of the main reasons why some players hesitate is the volatility of cryptocurrencies. While traditional gaming currencies often remain stable, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) can experience large price fluctuations. Players fear that their hard-earned digital assets could suddenly lose value.

Another problem is the complexity of blockchain technology. For many gamers, the world of cryptocurrencies is still new territory. Understanding how wallets and transaction fees work, among other things, can be daunting. This lack of understanding can lead to mistakes and loss of well-deserved cryptocurrencies.

Cryptogaming is not ready yet

However, there are also positive aspects of play-to-earn and crypto when it comes to gaming. It offers players the opportunity to get real value from their efforts. It opens doors to new economic opportunities and gives players more control over their digital assets.

Bushnell, currently chief technical officer at blockchain esports company Moxy, suggests he misses contact with gamers: “How do you get to know these people?” Where do you meet them? If you can convey the feeling of a real place and real time in virtual worlds, then I think we have really achieved something.”

According to Bushnell, mass adoption of play-to-earn can only be achieved once this problem is solved. First, we have to wait and see how the world of crypto gaming will develop.

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