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Forward on Real Zaragoza’s radar to compete with Sergi Enrich

After having officially presented Sergi Enrich, Real Zaragoza has started working on the signing of a striker who would arrive from the Santander League

Juan Carlos Cordero is determined to return the Aragonese club to the Santander League and for the moment he is completing great additions so that, at the very least, the team moves away from the relegation zone for good. The most notorious signing of those confirmed so far is that of Sergi Enrich, who aims to be the new great star of Real Zaragoza.

Everything seems to indicate that he will be the starting striker for the team led by Fran Escribá, but now we have learned that he might not be the only one to arrive at the club this summer. And now we have known that Real Zaragoza is negotiating with a forward to compete with Sergi Enrichwho could see his undisputed status threatened.

Sergi Enrich will have competition at Rayo Vallecano
Andrés Martín, among the goals of Real Zaragoza

Sergi Enrich will have new competition at Real Zaragoza

On this occasion, The player Real Zaragoza has been interested in is Andrés Martín, who last season barely had minutes at Rayo Vallecano. That is why the Madrid team is seriously considering leaving him this summer, considering that he has no place in the team led by Francisco.

The intention of the Vallecas club is for him to disassociate himself from the club, since he only has one year left on his contract. And given the little that he has shown so far, the 24-year-old striker points to the SmartBank League. A competition that he knows perfectly well, since the previous season he was wearing the CD Tenerife shirt.

Andrés Martín approaches Zaragoza

Among the many teams interested in the signing of Andrés Martín is Real Zaragoza. And it is that the hand team continues to seek to strengthen the lead despite having done with the signings of Sergi Enrich and Sinan Bakis, who will also compete with Iván Azón for the starting position.

Be that as it may, it is difficult to say no to a player like Andrés Martín. Especially knowing that he can also play on a wing, offering many possibilities to Fran Escribá on the pitch. Now it only remains to wait, but Sergi Enrich’s ownership at Real Zaragoza could be in danger due to the great signings that Cordero is completing.

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