Forum Sport Y newe launch a new service rental of sports equipment. This initiative allows Forum Sport customers to rent different product categories as material for practice cycling, paddle tennis, tennis, skiing, camping, fitness, electronicsitems for water sports, urban mobility, as well as to transport in vehicles.

The choice of rental products allows the customer to select those that best suit the experience they want to live and the variety of them is so wide that they can be found from bikes, sleeping bags, tents, heart rate monitors, rackets, boards paddle surfing, scooters, treadmills, elliptical trainers or GPS, among many other items.

In addition, this service is alternative for all those people who seek to enjoy certain products without having to buy them and they are committed to a circular economy based on responsible and sustainable consumption. This philosophy fits in with the company’s environmental commitment.

Operation and circularity

The mechanics is simple and agile for the user since it is the customer who indicates the place where he wants to receive the product and pick it up the day the rental endswhich ranges between a minimum of 3 days and a maximum of 30 days, and there is also an extra subscription method for months.

The NEWE company is an expert in circular economy in the world of retail. It is in charge of digitizing the rental process in the online and physical channel of Forum Sport, and it also has a technological proposal that allows the retailer to automate all operations (Direct and reverse logistics, quality control, insurance and even sanitization of rented products).

The objective of the service is to offer a sustainable alternative to shopping and responds to one of the pillars of Forum Sport’s positioning: working together to achieve a better world. This initiative, which generates a positive impact on the earth, people and sport, moves towards a model based on the circular economy, more inclusive, fair and equal for the entire society and the planet, minimizing the carbon footprint by reducing CO2 emissions and promoting and betting on the circularity of sports products and materials.


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