Fortnite gets update with support for 120 fps playback on PS5 and Xbox Series X

The new generation of consoles arrived in mid-November and, with it, more quality for playing games. Fortnite, for example, has already received support for 4K resolution playback since the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X were made available in stores. Now, a new update to the popular Battle Royale will allow even more image quality of the game on the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

Epic has released a new update for the game, intended for the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, which allows players to set the title to play at 120 frames per second. However, it is important to highlight, by increasing the title’s frame rate to take better advantage of 120 Hz screens, the game’s resolution is cut to 1440p on both consoles, instead of the traditional 4K.

Image: Battle Royale’s fifth season has arrived with new skins for players.

For the “less powerful” console of Microsoft’s new generation, the Xbox Series S, it is also possible to increase the refresh rate to 120 fps, but with an even greater reduction in resolution, which drops to 1080p. On both the Xbox Series S, the Series X and the PS5, the increased frame rate also impacts other visual experiences, such as shadows, post-processing, transmission distances and other graphics settings.

If you have a monitor with a 120 Hz screen and are aware of the visual impacts caused by the increased frame rate, the gamer can configure the game to run at 120 fps in the Fortnite video settings.

Epic recently released the fifth season of the game and it arrived with new crossovers, featuring skins for the characters Baby Yoda and The Mandalorian, from Disney and Kratos, from God of War.

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