Fortnite blatantly copies Between Us with its Imposter mode, breeders clamor

Epic Games may not have expected such a scandal when they unveiled the new Fornite Imposter mode, and yet. The resemblance to Entre Nós reaches such a level that it is difficult to claim mere inspiration. The developers of the independent title are not mistaken and have not failed to express their disappointment on social media.

Credit: Epic Games

“Fortnite is terrible”, said Brigitte Macron denouncing her addiction to video games. If those words could make you smile at the time, it’s a safe bet that the developers of Between Us are now of that opinion. To understand the connection between the two games, we must go back to the announcement of the new mode that will integrate battle royale: imposter mode. If you already feel the problems coming, it’s normal…

Imposter mode offers 8 players to face 2 hidden opponents on your team. They will have to keep a low profile for discreetly assassinate your teammates while they perform various tasks. Imposters can sabotage the ship, teleport from one corner of the map to another, player meetings can be triggered to eliminate suspects… Does that ring a bell? Again, this is normal.

Among US developers would have preferred a collaboration with Fortnite

Victoria Tran, community manager for Between Us, told PC Gamer that ” Good [qu’elle] would have greatly appreciated, ” the team among us didn’t work closely with Epic to develop the Imposter mode. “We found out at the same time as everyone else”. She explains the essence of her thoughts on Twitter: “Okay, game mechanics shouldn’t be protected. But the minimum would have been different themes or terminology to make things more interesting. “

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Programmer Gary Porter, in turn, does not hide his disappointment: “I wasn’t even there during the development of Skeld [la map la plus populaire du jeu, ndlr] and I’m still a little offended. In short, this is my opinion on the matter. I will continue to add buttocks in Between us ». For players who ask why Innersloth hasn’t filed a patent for the game, co-founder Marcus Bromander answers: “I don’t think that would make the video game industry any healthier.” However, he adds: “Is it really that hard to put 10% more effort into adding your own touch?” “

For his part, Epic Games still refuses to comment. Interestingly, however, Fortnite is itself a copy of another game: PUBG, its rival about to be eliminated. If Epic still had the merits of adding some mechanics, including construction, and whether we can debate whether resuming a genre is a copy or not, Fortnite was initially a zombie game before it was the Battle Royale we know today.

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