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Fortnite and LEGO team up to announce the new LEGO Fortnite Survival game

Fortnite and LEGO team up to announce the new LEGO Fortnite Survival game

The world of Fortnite expands with a surprising collaboration that will delight both adults and children. The next chapter of this popular game will not only take us to a new island, but will also surprise us with a Lego-style gaming experience.

Following the exciting Big Bang event that marked the end of Fortnite’s original era (and even featured Eminem), developer Epic Games announced a new gaming experience called Lego Fortnite. This new survival and creation game is available from December 7th.

Lego Fortnite is the first announcement resulting from a previously announced collaboration between both companies. In April last year, Epic and Lego announced their partnership “Build a space in the Metaverse that is fun, entertaining, and made for kids and families.”

A few days later, Epic announced a $2 billion funding roundsplit between Sony and Kirkbi, an investment group of the Kirk Kristiansen family, the founders of the Lego Group.


Epic seems to have been paving the way for this more family-friendly Lego experience in recent weeks. In November, the company began introducing age ratings for Fortnite experiences, which also meant that certain skins couldn’t be used in experiences rated for younger players (Lego’s upcoming experience is rated E10+). However, the company had to revert most of these changes. More permanent changes are expected as part of Fortnite update v28.00, releasing on December 3rd.

This partnership between Epic Games and Lego not only represents a new form of fun within Fortnite, but also aims to create a safe and exciting space for the whole family in the video game universe. Combining the world of Fortnite with the creative versatility and timeless appeal of Lego promises a unique and exciting experience for all players.

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