Former US President Trump deposited gifts in the closet or took them with him, the investigation began

Washington: Former US President Donald Trump deposited the gifts he received during his presidency or took them with him, an investigation has started in this regard.

According to American media, dozens of gifts given to Donald Trump and his family by foreign leaders have disappeared from the closet.

Congressional investigators have launched an investigation into dozens of valuable gifts given to the former president, including golf equipment gifted to Donald Trump, diamond tops and footballs given to him by Russian President Putin.

The Abdul Aziz Al Saud award given to Donald Trump by King Salman of Saudi Arabia is also missing from the coffin.

Donald Trump was gifted valuable golf equipment by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzoabe, Russian President Putin gave Donald Trump a 2018 World Cup football, and a golden statue of an ancient Egyptian god was also gifted to him.

El Salvador’s president gifted his large painting to Donald Trump, a rare autographed portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, a statue of Mahatma Gandhi, and an Afghan Dari are also missing.

According to reports, the value of gifts given to former President Donald Trump was more than 50 thousand dollars.

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