Former Telegram Crypto Launches Major Privacy Update

The Open Network (TON) has launched an option to encrypt messages, often attached to a transaction, to the public. Yesterday the TON Foundation left the company behind the TON blockchainsee how a message attached to a transaction is encrypted by the sender and decrypted by the receiver.

Telegram leaves TON Network

The Open Network (TON) blockchain, formerly known as the Telegram Open Network, is one decentralized blockchain platform currently managed by the TON Foundation. It aims to provide a fast, secure and scalable infrastructure for smart contract execution and transaction processing.

It was founded by the Telegram company, but was given up after problems arose with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) about their currency: the toncoin (TON). Shortly thereafter, the code was adopted by the TON Foundation, which relaunched the network. The company renamed TON to The Open Network and continues to develop the network. Currently toncoin (TON) stands 17th in the ranking for largest market cap.

Alternative to traditional messaging services

Yesterday the TON Foundation released the news that the messages attached to a transaction, often used to indicate what the transaction is for, will be encrypted. The system works with the same system as WhatsApp, where messages are encrypted when sent and decrypted when received. Previously, the captions were public and one could also read the caption when viewing a transaction.

According to one of the core developers, Anatoly Makosov, the system can be of great value as an alternative to traditional messaging services. Due to the decentralized system and encrypted messages, the chance of potential snoopers is minimal. It should be taken into account that the messages are attached to a transaction and therefore have transaction costs. However, the amounts can be made so minimal that little is done.

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