Former senator criticizes “the little” that has been done for Monte Grande

Eddy Mateo Vásquez, former senator for this Barahona province, accused the government of doing very little to complete the work of Construction of the Multiple Dam of Monte Grande Project.

Mateo Vasquez said that very little progress is observed in the projectconsidered as “the subway of the Southeast”, despite the fact that the government headed by former president Danilo Medina, left the work at 58 percent completion.

“And to date this government has done little to him. This work was a social claim of this province and is projected to benefit more than 450,000 men and women”exposed the former legislator who opposed his own government if budget items for Monte Grande were not included.

He recalled that the previous government of the PLD handed over the dam with the two diversion tunnels built, the drains at 80%; the asphalt core, all the infrastructure for the production of sand, gravel, asphalt and the sluice gate installed with resources from a loan from the Bank for Economic and Social Development of Brazil (BNDES), which financed the project for US$249.5 million and which for political reasons will later change the source of funding.

“But already the perremeistas submitted to the National Congress a new loan with another item of more than 600 million dollars for its completion”, he criticized.

The also former deputy, former trustee and former governor of the Barahona province, pointed out that the work would end up costing three times more than the original budgetwhich, in his opinion, violates the Purchasing and Contracting Law”.

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Mateo Vásquez, referred to the issue at the swearing-in ceremony for 13,000 new members, held at the Olympic Village Basketball Pavilion, Villa Central, headed by former president Danilo Medina.

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