Former Pentagon official admits defeat

WASHINGTON: Former Pentagon chief software officer Nicholas Sheelan has conceded defeat to China in the field of artificial intelligence, saying China has taken the lead in technology.

According to the international website, Nicholas Sheelan, former chief software officer of the Pentagon, has said that the United States has lost to China in the field of artificial intelligence technology and for the next 15 to 20 years, the United States will win. There are no possibilities.

In a recent interview, Nicholas said he had resigned because of changes in technology and a slowdown in reform.

According to him, China has already defeated the United States in the field of artificial intelligence. While in office, I did not see that China was winning, so I resigned.

Nicholas said that China is advancing for global domination only because of innovation and development in artificial intelligence, China has advanced in machine learning, cyber capabilities and technological transformation.

He said that in comparison, it seems that American technology in front of China is now like a child studying in KG class.

He accused Google of refusing to work with the US Department of Defense, while in China, he said, “every Chinese company is willing to work with the government and huge investments are being made.” He has invested heavily in facial intelligence, keeping ethical values ​​at bay.

Nichols said that although the United States spends three times more on its defense than China, it is not benefiting because the United States is investing in the wrong sectors, bureaucracy and additional regulations. Obstacles are being created that the United States desperately needs.

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In his resignation, Nicholas lamented that please refrain from appointing a major or colonel as head of the technology department or handing over to the cloud the data of one to four million users who have no experience in this field. Even after building a multi-million dollar aircraft, a person with hundreds of hours of flying experience is selected to fly it.

So how can someone with no IT experience be made the head of the technology sector? Such a person does not know what to do and what to prioritize and because of this situation the attention is diverted from the actual work.


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