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Former Patriots player warns Lamar Jackson about playing for Bill Belichick

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lamar jackson requested to be traded to the Baltimore Ravens last March and the quarterback has stated that he would like to play for the new england patriots among other NFL teams.

However, there is a former AFC East player who suggests he not play for head coach Bill Belichick. that character is asante samuelwho spent the first five years of his NFL career in New England

Lamar Jackson my brother trust me you don’t want to play for Bill Belichickthe two-time Super Bowl winner tweeted.

Samuel began his career with the Patriots in 2003 as a fourth-round pick and was a major player in Super Bowls XXXVIII and XXXIX. However, his career with them ended after the 2007 season when he failed to reach a long-term deal.


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Asante Samuel’s complaints about the ‘Patriot Way’

On previous occasions, Samuel has disdained the ‘Patriot Way’, Bill Belichick’s system. In 2022, the former cornerback appeared on Brandon Marshall’s I Am Athlete podcast and testified that his teammates were brainwashed using the head coach method.

“Some people were brainwashed with that ‘Patriot Way.’ None of that suits me, I don’t know what the ‘Patriot Way’ isn’t,” Samuel said. “They are all company men talking about the ‘Patriot Way.’

During his stay in New England, Samuel played 75 games, 53 of them as a starter. In his final year with the Patriots, 2007, he was invited to the Pro Bowl for the first time and received his only NFL First Team All-.Pro nomination.

Three years ago, the cornerback tweeted that he taught Belichick how to best coach his position players and that the head coach did not admit it at the time, but that he applies his teachings.

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