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Former Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo is in an induced coma after suffering a stroke

Expresidente paraguayo Fernando Lugo está en coma inducido tras sufrir un ACV

Former Paraguayan president and senator Fernando Lugo (2008-2012) suffered a stroke on Wednesday, for which he remains in an induced coma at a clinic in Asunción, reported legislator Jorge Querey, from the left-wing coalition to which the leader belongs. political.

Lugo, 71, was transferred in an emergency from Congress to the San Roque Sanatorium, near the historic center of the Paraguayan capital, after he suffered a decompensation.

Querey, who is also a family doctor in Lugo, explained to reporters that the former president was admitted because of "an ischemic stroke".

Hours later he was transferred to the Migone Sanatorium, where, according to Querey, he would undergo a nuclear magnetic resonance.

The senator and doctor from Lugo, from the alliance of left-wing parties Frente Guasu, explained that the first studies indicated that the former president, who traveled to Bogotá in recent days to participate in the investiture acts of the new president of Colombia, the leftist Gustavo Petro, "had a seizure" this Wednesday.

The episode, he said, took place after he presented "very minor symptoms" during his trip to Colombian territory.

After the studies carried out on Wednesday afternoon, Querey informed journalists that Lugo, who remains in an induced coma and connected to mechanical respiratory assistance, has a brain bleed that "has increased, a small amount, but has increased".

"Therefore, that requires aggressive intervention before that is significant life-threatening bleeding."sentenced.

The first medical report reported an injury "relatively small".

In this context, he confirmed that they will perform an endovascular intervention on the former president to try to locate if there is a vessel causing the bleeding and "coagulate from within".

Querey refrained from anticipating the possibility that Lugo will require a surgical intervention, although he clarified that they have "neurosurgeons prepared for any circumstance". He also refused to anticipate possible forecasts or sequels.

In any case, he reiterated that Lugo, who suffers from hypertension, regularly took anticoagulants, and had "previous health difficulties".

Under these circumstances, he clarified that it is "hard to explain" What was the "first event and what caused the next".

"The truth and the precise thing is that we have a bleeding where different situations concur: hypertension, anticoagulation, etc., and that we have to stop this bleeding in some way"settled.

The former president was diagnosed in August 2010 with early-stage lymphoma cancer, for which he received treatment in Brazil and recovered in 2012.

Lugo, a former Catholic bishop, ended his electoral victory in 2008 with 61 years of hegemony for the Colorado Party. He was fired after a "express trial" which was voted on June 22, 2012.

After knowing the condition of the former president, the National Concertation, an alliance of different parties and movements of the Paraguayan opposition promoted, among others, by Lugo ahead of the elections in April next year, announced the suspension "until new notice" of a meeting scheduled for this day.

Lugo’s followers called, for their part, a vigil in front of the hospital where he remains confined.

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