Former NBA player Shawn Kemp was released after being shot by an iPhone

The former basketball player Shawn Kemp, NBA figure in the 1990s and known for his spectacular dunks, was released this Friday in Washington, United States, after being detained for 24 hours after being involved in a shooting.

Kemp, 53 years old and ex-symbol of the extinct Seattle SuperSonicswas released by the Tacoma Police Department after the prosecution said in a statement that “it will not immediately file charges” after being accused of firing a firearm from one vehicle to another, in the vicinity of a shopping center of Pierce County.

The former Seattle intern was a six-time All-Star Game selection and played in the 1996 NBA Finals in the defeat that his team suffered against Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls 4-2, with averages of 23.3 points, 10 rebounds and 2 blocks per game in that series.

According to the first information provided by the police, Kemp’s lawyer, Scott Boatman, presented a defense in which he emphasized that The ex-basketball player’s car had been opened after forcing the lock and was stolen numerous objects, including his iPhone model cell phone.

The incident in which Kemp was involved occurred on the night of last Wednesday when He argued from his vehicle with another that was occupied by two people and shots were fired without anyone being injured.

The car of the strangers – who allegedly robbed him – fled and a firearm was found at the scene.

According to the lawyerthe shots with a firearm began from the other vehicle and his defendant responded in self defensea situation that the prosecution will continue to investigate.

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Kemp, born in Indiana on November 26, 1969, played 14 seasons in the NBA, the first eight, between 1989 and 1997, for the Supersonicsa franchise in which he formed a remembered duo with the point guard gary “Glove” Payton and, although in his career he was not exactly characterized by the long distance shot -33 triples scored in 1,051 games-, now he returned to the front pages due to a shooting.

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