Former England cricketer recounted possible side effect of franchise cricket, said something special

The trend and influence of the T20 cricket franchise is continuously increasing all over the world. The condition is that even the great players have started to devote more time to the cricket franchise by staying away from the contracts of their countries cricket boards. Recently, New Zealand star fast bowler Trent Boult parted ways with central contract so he can play as much franchise cricket as possible. Former England captain Andrew Strauss sees it as a huge challenge.

Andrew Strauss says: “At the moment we can’t say anything about what will happen, but we may be faced with a situation where players stay with the franchise for 12 months and international cricket is scaled back. Players will always be on the lookout for such opportunities and choose the one that is best for them. You can’t go against their likes and dislikes. However, Andrew Strauss also says that in the midst of all this, there will be plenty of players taking up Test cricket.

Strauss says: ‘The way Test cricket profits here (England) is not there in other countries. T20 is a format that works to connect new people with this game. Although I agree that both Test cricket and T20 can go hand in hand. But for this it will be necessary to draw up a calendar of this type in which the players can play in these two formats. At the moment it seems very optional to do so.

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