Former Afghan Vice President and militant commander Abdul Rashid Dostum has announced the formation of a National Resistance Council against the Taliban along with like-minded militant leaders.

According to foreign media reports, a meeting was held in the Turkish capital Ankara hosted by former Afghan Vice President and Fighter Commander Abdul Rashid Dostum and was attended by 40 exiled Afghan leaders. The meeting also announced the formation of a National Resistance Council against the Taliban.

According to the report, Ankara-based anti-Taliban commander and former Afghan Vice President Abdul Rashid Dostum invited his allies and other like-minded Afghan militant leaders to an invitation to form a joint front against the Taliban.

After discussing the proposal, participants formed a resistance council whose founding members include Balkh Governor Ata Muhammad Noor, Hazara community leader Muhammad Mohaqiq and Ahmad Wali Masood of the National Resistance Front, while anti-Taliban fighter Abdul Rab Rasool also assured the council of his full support.

Council members called on the Taliban to negotiate with all parties and sections of Afghanistan to find a solution to the current problems by ending the war and destruction, as no single group can establish a stable government with the use of force and pressure. ۔

Following the formation of the council, a spokesman for Abdul Rashid Dostum issued a statement saying that the purpose of the council was to resolve Afghanistan’s problems through dialogue. Then the country will once again fall victim to civil war.

Earlier this week, the Taliban announced the formation of a commission to liaise with exiled Afghan politicians and leaders and said it would succeed in forming an assembly comprising citizens, tribal and Islamic leaders to discuss national unity. Will go

It should be noted that after the US withdrew from Afghanistan on August 15 last year, the Taliban had taken over the country and later announced the formation of their government.

However, since its inception, the Taliban has faced demands to form a broad-based government nationally and internationally.