But what is going on with the Polkadot? It has been two hours since the Polkadot crypto has taken off, standing out from other cryptos. We explain everything to you!

Crypto markets do not close, unlike the stock market for example. Also, surprises are always to be expected from crypto courses, even after office hours! This is the case with the Polkadot! For two hours, the course of the Polkadot has been exploding! The numbers continue to grow as we read! But what does the Polkadot do to us ?!

The Polkadot network has just announced the date of its parachain auction!

It is still too early to analyze the causes of Polkadot’s sudden bull run. However, timing or not, something happened shortly before the Polkadot bull run! What is it about ?

The Polkadot network has just announced the date of its next parachain auction. Concretely, this is an auction during which projects will be allocated “slots” for their integration into the Polkadot ecosystem. As a reminder, the Polkadot network allows interoperability between different blockchains.

The auction will start on November 11, 2021. It has yet to be validated by the governance of the network. This auction marks a very important step in the Polkadot roadmap.

“The highly anticipated parachain auction process, where projects are allocated slots for construction on the Polkadot cryptocurrency network, will begin next month. (…) Although I obviously cannot vouch for a particular parachain or try to predict the winners, the Polkadot parachain auction model certainly benefits projects capable of garnering substantial community support thanks to its mechanism. of crowdloan. »Robert Habermeier, creator of Polkadot

Concretely, the auction will be done in DOT, the native token of Polkadot. Each auction will last for 7 days. The 5 projects to win the lot will be integrated into the Polkadot network simultaneously on December 15, 2021.

Polkadot price: € 34.24, up 15% over the last 24 hours!

At the time of writing this article, the price of Polkadot is around 34 €. It displays a spectacular increase of more than 15% ! This boosts its percentage over the last 7 days with an increase now of more than 20%. In addition, it strengthens its 8th place in the world crypto, just behind the famous Solana.

For many, it is understood, the future of blockchain lies in interoperability. Indeed, many relevant blockchains currently exist but are unable to communicate with each other. What if the Polkadot turns out to be the right crypto plan at the end of the year and for 2022?


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