Foreigners to be assisted in leaving Sudan: Army

Sudan’s military said diplomats and citizens of the UK, US, France and China would be flown in to help them leave Sudan. The Sudanese army said this in a statement on Saturday. News: BBC.

Meanwhile, armed conflict has been going on in Sudan since April 15. Over four hundred casualties have already been reported in the conflict between the army and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces in a power struggle.

Sudan’s army chief, Fattah al-Burhan, has agreed to start a cooperation program for foreign diplomats and citizens to leave Sudan within hours, the statement said.

On Saturday, Saudi Arabia brought back more than 150 people from Sudan. Among the returnees from Sudan to Jeddah are 91 Saudi nationals and the rest from Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Egypt, Tunisia, Pakistan, India, Bulgaria, Philippines, Canada and Burkina Faso.

However, there was a massive clash near the city center of the capital on Saturday. As a result, in this situation, fears have arisen about the process of sending foreign nationals back from Sudan. There is also confusion over how foreigners will reach the capital Khartoum airport.

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